Saturday, May 14, 2005

Punish Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Rifles’ torture and killing of a senior BSF officer was absolutely reprehensible. However, the response of the Government of India, which only “lodged a strong protest” with Dhaka, was appalling to say the least. Even in 2001, when Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) soldiers killed 16 BSF jawans in Pyridwah village in Meghalaya, the incident was met with the same weak-kneed response that has come to characterise the reactions of successive Indian Governments to such killings. It is a crying shame that India, a country that calls itself a “regional power” and a “future economic giant” continues to be held hostage by a non-entity like Bangladesh, which has a weak economy (totally depandent on the Indian economy), a tiny military (surrounded on three sides by India on land, and facing a powerful Indian Navy on the fourth), and no international support to speak of (Pakistan? Puh-leeez!). Maybe a more fitting response is in order here – economic sanctions, or even a limited-intensity military attack to neutralise BDR positions inside Bangladesh – a response that will send out a clear message, "Pull off another stunt like this and we will destroy you". I'm sure a tight jhapad will show 'em who is boss.


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