Thursday, July 13, 2006


I am utterly disgusted at the way everyone, including the government and the media, has gone overboard labelling the terrorists responsible for the Mumbai blasts as “cowardly”. I really wonder as to how entering a hostile foreign country, planting bombs in the lifeline of the economic capital, murdering close to two hundred people, and escaping without hardly a trace is a cowardly act. Rather, it is the Government of India that has set new standards in cowardice by using the standard weak-kneed response of “condemning the blasts”, “appealing for calm”, and “not letting this incident derail the peace process”. All this becomes doubly frustrating when one reads about a tiny country like Israel going on an all-out offensive against Hamas to rescue one of its kidnapped soldiers.

Also appalling is the all-round praise of the common Mumbaikar’s “spirit”, and “resilience” in getting life back on line, which in reality is a manifestation of our notorious “don’t care attitude”. While the alacrity with which the citizens of Mumbai came out to help the injured deserves nothing but the highest level of tribute, the reaction of these very citizens to the killings is hardly anything to be proud of. After the 9/11 attacks, New Yorkers stood united and demanded retribution. I wonder when Mumbaikars will do the same.

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